About Us

Stand with Israel Is an American-based organization founded to promote the modern State of Israel with the biblical mandates for Israel. We endeavor to be a resource for the Western Church in understanding why Israel matters biblically and where we fit in this unfolding story.

We do this by making ourselves available to provide information to help each individual come to the same conclusion to Stand With Israel.
Our belief is that there has been too much wrong information inserted into the perspective of the individual Western institution of Christianity and we seek to assist in navigating the way back out of these false beliefs.
We endeavor to do this by leading trips to Israel for American faith leaders as well as providing valuable connections and links to reform incorrect thinking and bring alignment to the Jewish people and their Nation of Israel.
We further believe that every believer in the Moshiach also known as Jesus the Christ should be keenly aware that salvation is for a purpose and that this purpose heavily involves prophecy of the Bible and we seek to connect people to a fundamental aspect of the Christian walk that simply can not leave out Israel as a nation.
We believe as scriptures say that Jerusalem is on center stage till the end of the Earth.

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